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Stone Wall
Stone Tiles, Wall and Firepit

Welcome to Howard's Havens

This is your home for your personal touch of landscaping and designs to meet your taste, desires and budget! For years we have strived to meet and exceed the customer's request in providing the best value for both interior and exterior wishes!

Within this site, you will be able to see varieties of past and present designs that exceeded your fellow neighbor’s desires and wishes and we can duplicate or expand them to meet yours.

You can see both before & after pictures and finished projects in Landscaping, Bathrooms, Decking, Fencing and More! Also we have links to many of our suppliers, designers, builders and manufacturers to get the latest product information to start a wish list of your own!

Give us a call or drop an email and let’s make your WISH LIST A REALITY!!

Please check our Project Gallery often!

Contact Howard at phone 703-899-6209 (7 days) or email! Thanks!

Stone Wall & Tiles, Gazebo
Appian Circle with Chairs